About Us

What are Your Colors?

We see professional sports teams' colors and logos every day. In every season, there's a new set of colors to wear. It's almost time to unpack that Honolulu Blue, but you already knew that. Everyone here knows ALL of these colors. We are die-hard De-troit fans, no doubt. 

It's kind of like one big family.

But our young people are wearing colors of their own. And these colors, well these are the best of them all...

... and THIS is where we thrive. 

At Southside Spirit, we're here to celebrate this big giant family's hometown colors. ALL OF THEM. In our house, it's Panther black and orange (but we are also Spartan alumni, and we have family who are Abe's...). It's like they all mean something to us, something important. 

The fact is, you are still our friends, family, and neighbors in this small world, and your kids are growing up with our kids and sometimes, something happens to remind us we're all in this together. We've shared great loss, we helped each other after a devastating flood. We're so close, we work together, literally trying NOT to share Covid. 

And so, located in the south end of Warren, MI, we've created this place for all the local district teams, groups, and organizations that make our community strong. Because, if you knew us, you'd know how much we love our roots.

This is where we are all raising our families, and when your young people join the band, we want you have a sweet shirt, or hoodie, (or pretty much whatever you want) to show off those hometown colors. In fact, you might need the hoodie, too. After all, we're likely to experience two Michigan seasons during one outdoor game, anyway.

And even on the none-a-days (days off), we love lounging in flannel bottoms, that match all the years' tops. Oh, yes. 

Honestly, we love this temporary life and we want to celebrate it.

So let us be your school's spirit wear provider, summer uniform T-shirt maker, Stage Crew's black swag slinger, or whatever else your local group might need. We'll give you custom designs by a certified Graphic Designer, paperless ordering, completely transparent fundraising, and quality assurance from us; local fans and alumni, truly invested in supporting the young people of our hometowns. 

And we have spirit, yes we do.